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In general, once a Thomasville item or collection has been discontinued for over a year, it will not be possible to locate any stock through traditional means. In order to best assist you in locating a discontinued item, we request that you enter in your desired information into one of the fields below and search. If you do not have a suite model number, it can be located underneath the table or behind the furniture and will have either a 3, 4 or 5 digit number followed by a hyphen and a 3 digit number (000-000, 0000-000 or 00000-000).

Suite Number (example: 38011)
Collection Name (example: British Gentry)

Upholstered/Leather Items Note:
If you are searching for an upholstered product such as a sofa, or chair please view our entire offering on our website. If you are unable to locate the piece you are looking for it is most likely discontinued. Since your upholstered furniture is built especially for your order, once a frame has been discontinued, there are no longer any pieces available. However, often times there are other styles available, which reflect the original piece, you were looking for. Please view our upholstery and leather furniture on our website or contact your local retailer for their assistance in determining a piece that will blend in your home.