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What is the warranty on my Thomasville furniture?
Please review our Thomasville Furniture Product Warranty.

What is the warranty on my Thomasville Cabinetry?
Please review our Thomasville Cabinetry Product Warranty.

What are the irregularities in texture and finish tone I have noticed on my Thomasville wood furniture?
You are noticing the distinctive grain of the finished wood. Nature marks each tree with its own character, creating the markings and patterns seen in wood solids and veneers. Each type of wood has its own distinct characteristics and presents different challenges to the craftsman at Thomasville.

The fabric on my Thomasville furniture has tiny fuzz balls. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
These tiny fuzz balls are "pills". Pilling is not necessarily considered a manufacturing defect. Normal pilling occurs when non-structural fibers work their way out of the fabric and "ball" up. (You may have also noticed this on wool and acrylic sweaters.) There are several factors that can affect the amount of pilling, including the actual fabric content and the weave. Since the pilling involves non-structural fibers, it does not effect the durability or strength of the fabric. Pilling will subside over time.
With natural fibers such as cotton or wool, the fibers are shorter and you can usually just brush or pick them off. However, with synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon and polyester, the fibers are longer and tend to "stick" in place. You can remove these using a sweater or upholstery shaver.

Will my Thomasville furniture change color or fade over time?
Yes. Leather, fabric and wood will change in color overtime; however, the change is not noticeable on a daily basis. The environment we live in will cause color changes in your furniture, with the most obvious culprit being the sun. The other causes of color changes in your furniture are heat, indoor lighting, and even the fumes in the air. While choosing to have tint or UV film applied to your windows will diminish your fading, it will not completely eliminate it. Once you understand that your furniture will change colors over time, you can manage the effect by rotating cushions, rearranging accessories, and even periodically rearranging furniture.
Since furniture will change in color over time, it is best to purchase matching items at the same time. For example, it would be best to order any matching upholstered furniture pieces to be done in the same material at the same time. The same holds true for wall units and tables with chairs. Consider this example regarding chairs: If you have room now for only eight chairs, but may want two additional chairs later, then purchase side chairs now and choose two fully upholstered chairs later to complete your set.

Why are there are spider-like cracks in my Mahogany table?
Crotch mahogany and burl woods come from specific areas of the tree where different forces of nature are at work throughout the tree's life. These forces push and pull on the wood, creating a magnificently interesting grain. These forces are an integral part of the wood itself. Even after the wood has been sliced and veneered, these forces do not relent. Over time, you will begin to notice the hairline checks or cracks that are indicative of fine heirlooms. We trust you will appreciate these exquisite pieces over the years.

Where is Thomasville Furniture made?
Thomasville has been making quality furniture in North Carolina for over 100 years. While our furniture manufacturing continues in the U.S., some is now made in other countries. We want you to know that no matter where it is manufactured, when you see the Thomasville logo on a piece of furniture, you can be certain that it has been made to Thomasville's strict standards of quality in materials and craftsmanship. Please be assured that if our name is on it, the company that has been making America's favorite furniture for 100 years stands behind it.


Can I order my Thomasville Furniture in a different finish than shown?
Yes, if you are ordering from our Color Café casual dining collection. Color Café dining tables and chairs can be ordered in a variety of finishes. All other Thomasville wood furniture is designed with a specific finish in mind. Most upholstery frames with exposed wood can have a number of different finishes applied.

Can I order my Thomasville Furniture in a different fabric than shown?
You can select from hundreds of fabrics when you order upholstered Thomasville furniture. Please visit your local retailer to view these options or view fabric choices by frame online.

What are my options when I order upholstered Thomasville Furniture?
You can select from hundreds of fabrics and leathers when you order upholstered Thomasville furniture. Please visit your local retailer to view these options or view upholstery choices by frame online. Alternatively, you are welcome to provide your own fabric and place a "COM" order using "customer's own fabric".

Can I supply my own fabric when ordering upholstered Thomasville furniture?
Yes. While Thomasville offers a wide range of beautifully designed, quality fabrics, we never want you to have to compromise on your home environment. You are welcome to provide your own fabric and write a "COM" order using "customer's own fabric".
In determining how many yards of upholstery you will need to provide to us, please tell your Thomasville salesperson the material's width, repeat and if it is a railroaded pattern. We will be able to cross-reference this information with the dimensions of your Thomasville furniture piece and confirm how much upholstery you will need to provide.

What is the difference between an "up the roll" fabric pattern and a "railroaded" one?
A fabric pattern will run one of two ways: "up the roll" or "railroaded". This is an important issue when the same fabric is being used for two distinct purposes: draperies and sofas. Imaging making draperies with a "railroaded" fabric whose stripe runs left-to-right or side-to-side. If you want the stripe to hang vertically, the length of the draperies will be limited unless you sew in a seam. On the other hand, an "up the roll" fabric would require seams if it is to span the length of your sofa. The next time you are in a room with matching upholstered furniture and draperies, the drapery fabric is mostly likely running "up the roll" and, if you look closely at the upholstery, you may be able to see the seams.

What are the styles and special options offered in the Thomasville Cabinetry line?
You can view all of our cabinetry door styles on the Thomasville Cabinetry web site. For more information about styles, finishes, hardware, storage and accessory options, please visit your local Home Depot store. Be sure to ask for our catalog.

Can Thomasville Cabinetry be designed for my kitchen and/or bathroom?
Yes. Thomasville Cabinetry is available for both kitchen and bath design.

Do Thomasville Cabinetry finishes match Thomasville furniture finishes?
No. Most people prefer a complementary look throughout their home, rather than an exact match. We find that certain finishes naturally lend themselves to cabinets, others to furniture. We make no attempt to match Thomasville cabinetry and furniture finishes.


What is the best way to care for my Thomasville furniture?
Learn how to care for your Thomasville furniture by reading our online Product Care directory.

Can plastic harm the finish on my Thomasville furniture?
Yes. If you have ever pulled a plastic notebook up to find its face imprinted on the counter, you've experienced "plasticizer migration". The ingredients that make plastic pliable also make it dangerous to furniture. A chemical migration from plastic tablecloths, placemats, camera cases, TV remotes or notebooks can stain or darken the finish. Adhesive spacers or the rubber feet on appliances, trivets, lamps, and calculators can leave permanent scars on your wood furniture. If plastic materials have damaged your furniture, seek professional repair advice.


Where can I find pricing information for Thomasville furniture?
Please visit your local Thomasville retailer who will be happy to provide this information to you. If you need assistance locating a local Thomasville retailer, please use our Store Finder.

Where can I find pricing information for Thomasville Cabinetry?
Please visit your local Home Depot store for assistance with kitchen and bath cabinetry designs, as well as pricing information. Home Depot's kitchen and bath designers are the best providers of these services. They will help you through the pre-planning, designing and buying stages of the process. Please consult the Cabinetry Store Finder for a Home Depot near you.


How can I order Thomasville furniture?
To give you the attention and service you expect, Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively through Thomasville Stores, Thomasville galleries and authorized Thomasville dealers around the world. To find the retailer nearest you, please use our Store Finder.

What is the difference between Thomasville stores, galleries and authorized Thomasville dealers?
Thomasville stores carry the entire line of Thomasville wood and upholstered furniture. Some products, such as the Color Café collection, are offered exclusively at stores. You will also find wonderful shopping advantages like our Idea Center where you can view our wall of fabrics, work at our planning tables, examine many of our upholstery options and more!
Galleries and authorized dealers carry many Thomasville furniture collections, though there are obvious limitations on floor space. Please understand that, at times, we do offer certain exclusive products through Thomasville stores only.

Can I purchase Thomasville furniture online?
No. To give you the attention and service you expect, Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively through Thomasville Stores, Thomasville galleries and authorized Thomasville dealers around the world. To find the retailer nearest you, please use our Store Finder.

Where can I find a Thomasville furniture retailer?
To find the retailer nearest you, please use our Store Finder.

Where can I buy Thomasville Cabinetry? It was not available in Thomasville retail stores.
Thomasville Cabinetry is available exclusively at Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada. The Thomasville Cabinetry collection is not available at Thomasville Home Furnishings stores, galleries or dealers, nor is it available at Home Depot's Expo stores. Please consult the Cabinetry Store Finder for a Home Depot near you.

Can I purchase Thomasville furniture off the floor from my local retailer?
Typically, no. Thomasville offers over 20 collections, most with Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room pieces. Your local retailer, due to special upholstery requests and space requirements, will generally need to order your furniture directly from Thomasville.

Can I order Thomasville furniture from North Carolina?
While you may shop for Thomasville products wherever you choose, we encourage you to order Thomasville furniture from your local retailer. Thomasville retailers are physically close to you and have a vested interest in your satisfaction. Also, should your furniture require service at a later date, your local retailer will be able to help you quickly and in person.


Who should I contact to determine the status of my Thomasville furniture order?
Please contact the Thomasville retailer that ordered your furniture for you. Your retailer can provide you with information regarding the status of your order. Be assured that your retailer has real-time access to information from Thomasville regarding the shipping and delivery of your order.

Who should I contact with concerns or questions about my Thomasville furniture?
Your Thomasville retailer should be the first person you approach with these questions or concerns. They are knowledgeable about Thomasville furniture and their closeness to you allows them to service your needs most effectively. Thomasville supports and assists its retailers in many ways to give you the quality of product and service you have grown to expect from Thomasville Furniture.

The Thomasville furniture I ordered arrived with damage. What should I do next?
Please contact the Thomasville retailer that ordered your furniture for you. The retailer will identify the cause of the problem and determine the course of corrective action.

How should I proceed if I have concerns with my Thomasville furniture?
You should always contact the Thomasville retailer that ordered your furniture for you when you have concerns about your Thomasville furniture. Your local retailer has the resources and expertise to help you with any issues you may have. You may use the Store Finder to look up your retailer's address or phone number.
If your local retailer is no longer an authorized Thomasville retailer or if you have been unable to achieve satisfaction with your dealer's help, please Contact Us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

My local Thomasville retailer has not resolved my concern. What should I do next?
If you have been unable to achieve satisfaction with your local retailer's help, please email Consumer Services and we will be happy to assist you.


When will my Thomasville furniture be delivered?
Your local retailer will provide an estimated delivery date once you place your furniture order. A furniture order is usually delivered within 6 to 8 weeks. If you are ordering Custom Upholstery, it may take 8 to 12 weeks for your furniture to be delivered. As your estimated delivery date approaches, be in touch with your local retailer for more specific delivery information.

Why might it take weeks to receive my Thomasville furniture order?
While many other types of products can be shipped overnight or within a few days, it takes longer to ship furniture. Here are several reasons why:

  • Ground Transportation - Thomasville furniture is usually shipped from the Southeast. Our furniture is often large and heavy. In order to keep your freight charges to a minimum, orders are consolidated and then shipped to your local retailer. Consolidating orders takes time.
  • Customized Product - When you purchase Thomasville furniture, you may be choosing from a large selection of fabrics and leathers. This customization requires additional time to produce and deliver the furniture.
  • Production Time - If you order a piece that is not in stock at a Thomasville warehouse, we will need time to make the furniture for you.

When will my Thomasville Cabinetry be delivered?
Delivery is approximately 4 weeks from the time of order placement. Your Home Depot Kitchen/Bath Designer can give you specific delivery details about your order. Cabinets are delivered directly to your home.


I have young children. Which leather furniture would be best for me?
When you have young children in your home, it should definitely shape your decision making process when it comes to buying furnuture. With children, the "serviceability," or ease of cleaning spills, is one of the most important factors influencing your leather choice. The easiest leather for you to clean will be Grade 3 leather. It is top-grain leather that has been aniline-dyed, sanded, embossed and protected. This leather does not have the soft, supple quality that others in our line have, but Grade 2 is certainly the easiest to clean. If you prefer softer leather that has enhanced stain resistance, Grade 4 leather may be more appropriate for you.

I love the music in the Thomasville television commercial. What is it?
Thomasville commissions music for each particular commercial. This music is not currently available.

Someone in my area claims they are selling Thomasville furniture off of a truck. Are they legitimate?
No, we have heard of situations like this and would like to caution you about this furniture. While the truck may say that it is from Thomasville (the city in North Carolina), the furniture is not made by Thomasville Furniture Industries. Thomasville furniture is sold exclusively in retail stores - from Thomasville Home Furnishings stores to authorized galleries and dealers. To find the store nearest you, please visit our online Store Finder.