Kitchen Cabinet Cream
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Kitchen Cabinet Cream

12 oz.
SKU: Cabinet_Cream
Price: $6.99
Kitchen cabinets can benefit from frequent cleaning due to daily exposure to airborne cooking oils, residue, fingerprints and moisture. Thomasville Kitchen Cabinet Cream will gently remove these surface contaminants while polishing the finished wood surface. Our formula does not contain waxes, silicones or harmful solvents that may build up and react with surface finishes.

Product Features & Specifications

Features & Details

    • Cleans and shines with lasting protection
    • Removes dirt and grease

    Please note: Wood surfaces can vary in age and condition and many contain residue from other cleaning products. Test on an inconspicuous area before proceeding with the entire surface. Do not use on waxed surfaces.

    DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Remove seal under cap before use. Pour a small amount of cream onto a damp cloth and apply to surface. Rinse cloth to remove dirt and apply more cleaner as needed. Wipe off completely with a clean, dry cloth to produce a brilliant luster. For stubborn stains, use a damp scrub-type pad and rub with the wood grain until clean and then wipe off completely with a clean, dry cloth, buffing to the desired luster

    Thomasville® is a registered trademark in the Heritage Home Group, LLC family of brands.  The mark is used under license for Wood Care products manufactured by Parker and Bailey Corp., Walpole, MA.